I think 24% of respondents said double glazing from this UPVC Doors Company is the thing, probably because the capital costs are a little bit higher, so you need a bit of help to get over the initial hurdle to get the benefit of double glazing in your home. That's why we're involved, because we want to make sure that windows are included.

George: I think it's vital for anyone. One of the things that we lose so much heat through normally is poor quality glazing.

David: Yeah.

George: You sit next to a window that is feeling drafty and cold and, I mentioned before, condensation on the inside. You've probably been in loads of old buildings where you've got a little pond of water on your windowsill on the inside. Sitting there in my student days, there was a lot of that going on.

David: Ice on the inside.

George: Ice on the inside.

Vicky: I think I even had moss in one of mine. Was that mouse or moss? No, a bit of both.

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